600,000 Mac Users Afflicted with Flashback Trojan -- Are You One of Them?



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I'm clean thanks for the tip. I guess once your done you just close the terminal. :)



Yeh!, I'm clean!



Perhaps this discussion transcends operating systems and should be framed around what our obligations are as good net citizens.

As good net citizens aren't we all obligated to mitigate any vulnerabilities that we Mac users may inadvertently pass on to other net citizens even if we ourselves are somehow immune to?

I personally believe that the answer to that question is yes, we should all be obligated to do that. I would as much hate to pass on malware to people I email with or interact with on the Web as I would be by passing on a cold or flu to my coworkers and family members.

And as that is the case for me then the only way I know how to prevent passing on malware that managed to land on my Mac to others is by using some form of anti malware protection.



Looks like I don't have it either.



From what I'm reading its only if you have Java installed. My computer never came with Java or Flash installed and I intend to keep it that way. I do have chrome, so if its something I need to see, I'll fire up chrome and watch what i need from there. If not, I just switch back to Safari.



I stopped using AV on my Mac a few months ago. I still didn't have it. I haven't been to F-Secure's website but I'm guessing they are selling an AV "solution" for Macs now too ;)



Any idea why my Terminal wont open and says, "You are not authorized to run this application. The administrator has set your shell to an illegal value." I am the administrator. I think it's been like this ever since I restored from a Time Machine backup.



No problems here. I'm pretty sure the 600,000 is a far reaching overestimation.

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