77 Percent of iPhone Owners Would Buy Again, Versus 20 Percent for Android



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Susie Ochs

That correction in the CNN Money post was added after we'd posted this article, and we didn't notice CNN Money's correction until now. 

Even when we wrote this, the 20% figure was misleading at best because it referred to "Google Android" phones, as in phones that are Google branded. That's the G1 and the Nexus One, so that 20% didn't even include phones like the Incredible or the Evo or the Droid. So on its face it was never really a great comparison.

And now CNN Money's correction says that the figure was wrong from the get-go. It was 20 percent of all smartphone customers planned to buy an Android phone. So now the original comparison this article was based on isn't even true. (Yay!) iPhone customers want another iPhone. One-fifth of smartphone customers want an Android phone. It'd be better if we could compare the 20% of smartphone users who want an Android phone against the percentage of THE SAME GROUP who want an iPhone.

Sorry for the confusion. I've added a correction to our story above. 



Apparently checking sources is too difficult for you guys, so here it so for you:

The study never said that only 20% of Android customers would renew. It said that 20% of all smartphone customers would be buying Android phones.

I suppose it'd be silly to expect you to do a front-page post retracting this article, but I'll suggest you do anyway if you want any credibility as a tech news source.

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