AccountEdge Mobile Arrives, Brings Dropbox Sync to Desktop App



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I'd love to replace quickbooks with something more mac-friendly. Anyone out there use Account-Edge instead of QB for the mac? Opinions?



Yes & yes! I use it personally & support it professionally. Besides being made for Mac one thing that stands out heads above the rest is the great customer service & support for the product.

While having to fight for visibility & recognition around the Goliath that is Intuit & QuickBooks - it stands solid and holds it's ground well.

Not knowing your business I don't know what to point to as the best feature - but personally I am very excited about the iApp & time billing. Being able to log my time slips immediately into a syncable format to my AccountEdge file will save me a great deal of time from my current iCal work-around set up.

Download the trial & play with it. If you have questions, you can post on the forum that's frequented not only by users, but by Acclivity staff & independent consultants alike.

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