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Across the Pond: This Week on TechRadar


While most eyes are on the iPad 2 at the moment one analyst at least reckons that Android tablets are set to take the market lead.

And in the OMG PANIC department, news came out that over-reliance on sat navs could cause death. Hopefully some of us will be left alive, though, as the UK government is pressing on with a £50m broadband plan to bring high-speed internet to rural areas.

So if you live in the country, get rid of your sat nav or your dreams of finally getting to watch cats playing the piano on YouTube without the constant buffering may never be realised.

Read on for this week's most popular stories on TechRadar…

Top five news stories

Android tablet sales to 'dominate' over the iPad by 2014

The spotlights might be magnetically drawn to the iPad 2 at the moment, but it seems those backing the Android OS need not worry too much.

A research note from Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, states that the tablet market is (unsurprisingly) set to explode over the coming years, moving up to a global revenue of £42 billion in 2014.

By that point, the research note states, the Android will have assumed the market lead as the dominant tablet OS in an accelerating product category.

Metal-backed iPhone 5 to have antenna in Apple logo?

The latest iPhone 5 rumour sees the much-anticipated smartphone doing away with the glass back of the iPhone 4 and opting instead for a metal backplate.

And that's not all; the illustrious Apple logo is also said to be getting a new role; that of an antenna.

The rumour mill suggests that the new logo will be made of resin, integrating with the Wi-Fi, cellular and other radio antennas on the handset.

Sat nav failure could 'cause loss of life', says report

A report from the Royal Academy of Engineering has released a report which claims that the UK is 'dangerously dependent' on GPS and sat nav devices.

The report also warns that we are at risk from both deliberate and accidental interference, with back up systems ill-equipped to handle such an attack.

Not afraid to steer directly into the sensational, Dr Martyn Thomas, chairman of the Academy's Global Navigation Space Systems (GNSS) working group, said that a GPS system failure could "conceivably cause loss of life".

iPad 3 release date: September 2011?

The iPad 2 hasn't even been officially announced but it seems that the iPad 3 is already poised for a September launch.

Hinting at things to come in the tablet market, influential blogger John Gruber from Daring Fireball reckons that the iPad 3 release date will indeed by 2011 – which is an estimated six months after the iPad 2 is launched.

UK government pressing on with £50m broadband plan

The UK government will continue with a £50m plan to bring high-speed, next-generation broadband to rural areas.

The Chancellor, the Gran Moff Tarkin-esque George Osborne, says £50m of new funding is being made available to local authorities to help improve their own areas.

Currently no companies have been chosen to roll out the tech in order to fulfill the government's promise of making the UK the best place in Europe for super-fast broadband by 2015.

Mr Osborne said: "This is very much a locally-driven process and we encourage bids from all local people with plans for improving broadband in their local area.

Top five in-depth articles

20 best mobile phones in the world today

Our verdict on the best mobile phones / best smartphones - constantly updated.

We've all got at least one mobile phone each, right? The trouble is, how do you decide which is the best mobile phone for you?

Hopefully, TechRadar's extensive mobile phone reviews can help you with that. But if you're still stumped, you've come to the right place. Because here we have a constantly-updated list of the best mobile phones you can get.

Whether you're after the best budget music phone or the best smartphone, the top ones are all here. And we've got in-depth reviews of all of them.

iPad 2: all the latest details

The iPad 2 launch took place on 2 March. Links to all of our iPad 2 coverage are in the link above.

iPhone 5 rumours: what you need to know

iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 5G, as some are calling it) rumours are flying thick and fast already.

Will there be a rush release to erase memories of the iPhone 4's antenna problems? Maybe not - with the Verizon iPhone 4 Apple showed it wasn't afraid to tweak the current iPhone design.

Will the 5th generation iPhone deliver ultra-fast mobile internet? Will it ever end up on Verizon in the US?

Let's raid the iPhone 5 rumour fridge to find the tomatoes of truth amid the stinky stilton of baseless speculation.

iPad 2 vs Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs TouchPad vs Xoom vs PlayBook

When they were announced, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7100),HP TouchPad, the Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry PlayBook wiped the floor with the original iPad in terms of raw specification.

After all, they are all dual-core. However, the new iPad, the iPad 2, has a dual-core Apple A5 processor. And, what's more, the iPad 2 looks like it will even beat the Motorola Xoom to UK shops. The iPad 2 UK release date is 25 March, while the Motorola Xoom UK release date looks like the beginning of April.

iOS 4.3: what you need to know

The iOS 4.3 release date has arrived, and once again the update brings some new goodies to your iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch.

But not the old ones, because the iOS 4.3 specs only support the iPhone 3GS and third-gen iPod touch onwards.

So what iOS 4.3 features should you be getting excited about?

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Motorola Atrix review

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