Admob CEO Issues Words On Apple Analytics



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John Grubber pretty much nailed it:

"Bullshit. Google started this. It was Google that turned its sights on the iPhone. If AdMob had remained independent, they could still sell in-app ads on iOS. If AdMob had sold itself to Apple instead of Google, they could still sell in-app ads on iOS. If Google hadn’t declared war against the iPhone, AdMob could still see in-app ads on iOS. They made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.

There’s no question it’s a dick move on Apple’s part. But what’s the argument against it? That Google gets a pass for being dicks to Apple, and Apple ought to just sit there and take it?"



This can be a good and bad thing at the same time. it can be good because it is apple's way of gaining more money, and creating a better experience for the end user. it is also a kick inbetween the legs to google for all that they have done to apple, its good to see some revenge. However the FEDS can easily get involved and say it is anti- competitive.
i think apple should say "okay google we'll allow your admob into our OS if you let us put our iAds in your OS. and as we all know google will say no way. and that will give apple reason to say no deal.

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