AdMob Survey Finds iPad Purchase Plans “Sluggish”



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talked about this issue on my blog (
I hope there is no Admob on the iPad -- they don't want to take advantage of the iPad opportunity? Good for them I encourage that. The less Ads the better. bookmarked



The last survey said 13% were expected to get an iPad, which is like 1 in 8. That is considered exciting. This survey says a higher number, 1 in 6, would get the iPad, and it is sluggish? So less IS more, isn't it?


Mike James

After the iPad event, I went back to the 2007 keynotes, and watched all of them, through the current ones. I see at least part of the "big plan", which surely will end with touchscreen technology being part of most devices, whether it's the "only" or "primary" control method or not.

At the original iPhone keynote. Steve got gasps and applause, doing things we take for granted now, like scrolling with our finger. With the iPad using the same OS, there weren't so many "amazing" things to show in that regard, since we all are familiar with the iPhone OS. (Interestingly, NOT called "Cocoa iPhone", but "Cocoa Touch") I actually felt a little bad for Steve, as the familiar OS made it seem less than stunning.

I'm a graphics person and 3D modeler, so I still need my desktop. But, I'd love to have a slightly larger, more powerful iPad, or the touchscreen notebook that will probably exist in a year or so. For me, optional stylus support would be a bonus. We'll see...

Current 3D work:



If 1 in 6 iphone owners intend to buy the iPad -- that is ~ 5 million market to start -- sluggish??

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