Adobe Exec Says Mac Flash Improvements Are Coming



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I hope they finally fix the paintbrush tool so it's more responsive and also add an airbrush type feature. That - or add a timeline like Flash has to Photoshop. Flash is an excellent tool for storyboarding but the images don't look as nice as Photoshop because you don't get all the flexibility. Sure you could go into Photoshop and open each one up - or use bridge but it's a lot slower than simply clicking F5 and having a keyframe pop up with onion skinning turned on. This gets pretty important when you have to turn out a lot of work (hundreds to thousands of sketches).

-BETTER BRUSHES IN FLASH (p-shop type responsiveness / add faux airbrush)

If anyone else knows some good alternate solutions to the above or if I'm just missing something they have already implemented I'm all ears. I'd love to find a way to fix this.

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