Adobe Pushes Flash On Publishers -- Will Apple’s Tablet Play Along?



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If Apple makes this move everybody will benefit from it starting from publishers. I tend to believe that Apple will make the move after all, it's an opportunity to consolidate it's position on the market. Apple will have to understand it needs to unite forces to get maximum results.Darrian, network affiliate



Adobe already has a Flash 10.1 software coming that will have accelerometer capabilities as well as Multi Touch as illustrated in our blog.

Happy reading! :)



I hope seriously that Apple snubs Adobe again on this one as well, we don't need another bloatware on our devices. It would be possible however that they create something based off an open eBook format though, just not using Adobes version of it. PDF's work just fine for this, and they too can be encrypted, just check the next time you print something, it's available already in Macs.

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