After HopStop Acquisition, Apple Drops Support for Windows Phone



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Leif Johnson

Eh, I'm usually the first to take any swipe at Android that I can, but I can't deny that Google (right now) is just better in this case. Even now, there are no less than three mislabled key sites on Apple Maps in a 1-mile radius from where I'm sitting. At least one of them's been there since the inception.

I'll never forget using Apple Maps to find my hotel in downtown Chicago once when it was late and I was tired, only to realize that it'd sent me about six blocks away.



"Google's infinitely better map application"
Wow so many things wrong with this stamens? also when did maclife become googlelife?

P.s. when ever i use AppleMaps to get to a place i get directions to an open place unlike a few android users i know who get routed to a field...

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