All Signs Point to Higher E-Book Prices by iPad Launch Date



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Joe Rybicki

J.R., in the article you say that Amazon "agreed to pay Macmillan higher prices for their e-books" -- this is actually the opposite of what happened. Amazon agreed to the agency model, which actually means they're paying Macmillan less and making more money per book sale: They take 30% of the gross price, instead of paying up front for the books and selling them at a loss.

 It's also important to note, I think, that Macmillan never wanted to sell all books at $15 -- just new releases, and then step down the price along with releases of cheaper physical editions. So in theory, this agency model should mean you'll be able to find more e-books at less than $9.99 at Amazon than if Amazon had its way. You'll just have to wait a bit, as you would when buying physical editions.



some how this was a double post, I didn't post.



I'm sure it will be more like a book store is now, the newest and best titles are outrageously priced and the ones noone wants to read is priced dirt cheap. Then there's the necessary school books and other tech books that will go through the roof to get ahold of them... Oh well, maybe Apple can pull in the reins on this nonsense...

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