Amazon May Beat Both Apple and Google to Cloud “Locker” Service



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Have you actually check the price of S3? Amazon has no idea how to charge a reasonable amount for online storage. I took a look at S3 once, and could not believe anyone in their right mind would pay that kind of money.

On the other hand, the descriptions of charges was so complex and poorly written, I could have simply not been able to figure out exactly what it was they were charging for the amount of storage the average user would use. It seems like they intentionally make it so complex that people can't figure out the exact cost of the monthly service.

Either way, consumer-friendly it is not. And I doubt somehow they will make this one any easier to understand. And considering their hostile attitude towards those who tie their applications into Amazon services is hardly commendable.

Remember Delicious Library for iPhone? You probably don't if you didn't catch it in the small window of time it existed before Amazon axed it for using information the desktop application uses for populating metadata for items in the library. And last week it was Lendle. No thanks Amazon. I'll go with a less greedy company - Apple. :)

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