Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire, $99 Kindle Touch, $79 Kindle



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jack jack jack

I am especially interested in the $80 kindle, and I asked for it for my birthday



I suppose Apple will be interested to see how a stripped down iPad Lite will fare in the marketplace. But as an enthusiastic iPad user, its limitations would frustrate the hell out of me. I suspect there will be a market for those who find the price of even the $499 iPad prohibitive and that's a sort of market democracy, I guess. Still, I would rather save my money to buy all the bells and whistles than settle for second best. At most, the Kindle Fire (why "fire"?) is second best, or less. Yes, Steve, you had me at "one more thing"...



looks good and very decent price...



This will be a massive hit. I will stick with my iPad, but this is great news. This will make apple step up there game. Keep them on there toes. You got no where to go but down when your at the top.



This is an underpowered, underwhelming piece of technology. They're priced so low because otherwise they'll be shelf warmers in Amazon's warehouse. Pretty soon they'll be offering these things free to anyone that opens a savings account just like they used to do with toasters.



As unthrilled as I am, that's actually priced appropriately.

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