Offers Up Snow Leopard Pre-Orders



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I hope that Apple does allow Tiger users the ability to upgrade for $129... especially since they've offered that single-user price for a while now.

Susie Ochs

Apple's been clear that current Leopard owners can upgrade to Snow Leopard for $29. Intel Macs currently running Tiger can upgrade to Snow Leopard, but for $169. Yes, that includes iLife '09 and iWork '09 as well as Snow Leopard. But Apple hasn't been clear (yet) as to whether the Box Set is the ONLY option for Tiger users on Intel machines to get Snow Leopard. It would be a bummer if Apple didn't sell a $129 Snow Leopard SKU to those users. Not that I don't think iLife and iWork are worth the extra $40, I just hate forced bundling.


Do iWork '09 and iLife '09 require Leopard? If not, Tiger users may have upgraded those to '09 already, and making them buy software over again is bogus nonsense.



iLife and iWork '09 DO require Leopard to work. That's why Apple created the Mac Box bundle to give users the ability to get the new software and the new operating system at a lower price.


I'm just wondering why I would want to preorder from Amazon rather than just wait for Apple to make the announcement. I always find that whenever I order software directly from Apple, it comes REALLY fast with free shipping...



yeah we mock microsoft for 7 flavors of Vista...but that's because each version had different feature sets enabled based on what you "needed". This is just a licensing issue, and the server is almost really a different piece of software. Each version of Snow Leopard will have all the same functioning features. Just saying.

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