Amid Surge of iPhone Thefts, Some Law Officials Blame Apple



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I don't get why Apple is the only one doing anything about this, and, yet, the DA and many other people are blaming it all on them, even when Samsung, LG, and every other manufacturer's devices get stolen also, and they do nothing about it.



Basically Apple is the only one doing something about stolen phones and contrary to this story is not the cause of phones being stolen. But in many cases has recovered stolen phones with it's find my iPhone feature which no other manufacturer has anything like it. And if anyone reads stories about stolen phones most of those stories are about people who have recovered there stolen iPhones because of Apple's find my iPhone feature. You don't hear anyone bragging they recovered there Samdung or MS phones because they have no way to track it once it leaves there person.
So why is it that Apple gets blame in this story when Apple is in fact the only one that has a feature that gives anyone a chance to recover there stolen iPhone verses the others which have nothing!

So apparently some law enforcement officials need to brush up on there tech skills and learn more about what Apple has in place verses the rest of them.

One word, FUD!

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