Analyst: iPad Sales to Slow Down



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the iPad sales will slow due to the fact that many consumers were not interested in buying the first gen product. now seeing the feature set of the 4th gen iPhone these fence sitters will hold out for the second gen product that will no doubt have many of the same upgrades, including the ability to video chat and capture video.

I do believe Apple has begun to exaust the early adopter pool, and have already begun total focus on iPad rev.2



This looks the same like the Australian study last week which said iPad costs much more in the UK than the US. Unfortunately they failed to realize that the UK price includes Taxes when the US prices are exclusive of Tax.

Sincerely, who cares their opinion anymore? After the Goldman Sachs (or better Goldman Sucks) events(!), it is very clear that they either do not understands what they are talking or they have some vested interest in their opinion.


Victor Sniffalo...

There's alot of die hard Apple fans out there who buy the latest Apple gadgets as soon as they're released. It'll be interesting to see how good sales are after the initial rush.



I don't know anyone or anyone who knows anyone who owns one...that says a lot because almost all of those people have either and iPod or some other apple device. 10 iPad Features you MUST know about the iPad:



I bet this was one of those rocket scientists that also predicted the iPad would be a bomb.



The iPad will slow down after Apple has made in a year what 95% of companies make in 10 years. Someone wanted some attention so please give it to that person.......this is the same reason i manage my own investments because of dumb asses like the analyst.



"The reason for this sharp decline in iPad sales estimates after the September quarter is astonishing, but could be linked to a declining interest in the product or a return to school for students (one of the iPad's targeted audiences)."

The reason is "astonishing"? The fact that people lost interest or students are going back to school?

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