Analyst Predicts Apple Tablet in 2010



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I bought a MBP in first Mac (though I've bought them for my kids) and my first non-tablet in many years. I kept waiting for Apple to bring out a tablet, and finally just decided to make the switch. I haven't missed that function much at all yet, but I also haven't done any embroidery designing in the last few months. That's where I used it the most.

However, the tablets I have had bear absolutely no resemblance to a netbook. Coming out with something between an iPhone and a Macbook isn't going to bring most tablet users over --- they are used to much more power and functionality than that. But it would still be a very exciting product.



This would be cool...especially the idea that homemaderobot brings up of a larger tablet for graphic designers.

However my 2G iPod Touch really does serve the same purpose as a netbook. I can get online (I'm typing this on it right now), I can use all sorts of really useful apps (and some really not-so-useful apps), play games, check my email, and slide it right into my pocket when I don't need it...out of sight. No netbook can do that last part. However, knowing Apple, they will likely make this "pad" as small and as thin as possible, meaning it will probably still save a ton of space compared to a netbook so that it's still portable enough to fit in a knapsack or a purse much better than any netbook.

Really though, I'd be thrilled if Apple just filled the iPod Touch with the same feature-set as the iPhone...minus the 3G of course...though with rumors of a camera in the next iPod Touch, I guess they're getting there.


Ray Aguilera

I feel like he's predicted this before....


It almost seems too good to be true, but I hope this is an actual product in the near future. Maybe this will be product that breaks apple into larger touch screen devices, eventually leading towards a full 15"+ tablet for graphic designers.

In any case, knowing how Apple works, I bet this product will be nothing like anything we can say here.


Steve W. Jackson

I don't prognosticate, so I won't try and peer into the future of Apple's development plans. But I do have to wonder when seeing the image in this article of a person with a "tablet" in hand.

It looks very much like a PADD, something any good Star Trek fan would recognize instantly. Maybe I should start searching for an Apple logo in the future when watching repeats of Star Trek: Enterprise?

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