Is Android Jellybean Enough to Kick Apple Off Its Mobile Throne?



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Great article!

Note: When you stated "Geofacing" did you mean "Geofencing"? Either way this is a cool feature.



Siri give more detailed things.......Also,there are many other things Siri does Google Voice cant do.
1)Ask anything about movies,see the reviews and trailers of the movies too in Siri
2)Ask anything about restaurants,get reviews of the restaurants and also make dinner reservations right from Siri.
3)Launch apps
4)Tweet/Post FB status updates by using Siri.
5)Eyes free(I think no need to describe his supercool feature)
6)Siri gives turn by turn directions by speaking and guides us.
7)Siri reads notifications
8)It sets remainders,alarms,makes phone calls,lets us dictate notes,messages,emails,gives weather info,we can just chat it with for a while,it entertains us and etc etc.
And many other things Siri can do and it cant.

Now you will say somethings mentioned in 8th points an be done by Jelly Bean too,but Siri gives more information and elegantly too...

Also,We don't know the 200 new features of iOS 6(Apple will release best features this fall) then how can we compare?
Also,Jelly bean is not a major overhaul/release(As it improves old android features)

Apple Maps too are good(Like real-time crowd-sourced details,flyover etc)
Passbook too is very good.

and etc etc....



In the end only 2% of Google users will have Jellybean on there devices versus 80% of IOS users who will regularly get updates while Google can't offer any. I don't want a device that once I buy it just gets dated instantly. Apple gives you constant support and improvements, Google doesn't offer any support and the manufacturers won't give you any either.

So maybe Google wins with some features now but Apple will update and pass Google right up in the end.



why is a Google Loyalist "BRITTANY FLEIT" without a *Face* allowed to post reports?
Every single one of her past reports have been Negative on Apple.

again why NO FACE???



No Face???

"And while Google proudly proclaimed on Wednesday that users have installed over 20 billion apps from Play’s 600,000 apps deeps market, it’s still a far cry from Apple’s impressive numbers."

Apple has proof of over 25 billion apps(unique Downloads (not updates & ReDownLoads)) , sorry but (Apple still wins( And has the facts to back it up)) thats only a 5 billion Dif. something that can be made in about 3 months.

"Eventually, all the manufacturers will be able to get their hands on the technology behind each of these cool features (as well as whatever the future rolls out), so it’s not necessarily a matter of who’s doing it first, but rather whether which company is responding to their user's needs."

Sounds like what Bill Gates said when he ripped off the Mac all those years ago!

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