Angry Birds Being Used in Physics Class



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"Does the blue angry bird conserve momentum during its split into three?"
Yes. It appears that the single bird and three birds have the same forward velocity. In addition the downward velocity of the bottom one is equal but opposite to the upward velocity of the top one. The middle bird appears to follow the trajectory the single bird would have followed.

"Does the white bird conserve momentum when it drops its bomb? Why would the game designer want the white bird to drop its bomb the way that it does?"
No. The bird is not acting like it drops the bomb. Instead the bombs forward motion disappears. It drops vertically as if the bird were stationary when it was dropped. However, when the bomb goes down the bird is deflected up as if it were a projectile fired downward and the bird is deflected upwards by recoil. The bird however does maintain it's forward motion in contradiction to the bomb. I can only surmise that the programmer wanted to both make the bomb easier to aim and allow the player to use the bird to impact a tall structure downrange.

This was fun.


Andrew Groen

Gold star! I'll be coming for that wedgie soon, though. So watch out.

But seriously, loved the reply. This is why I love working for Mac|Life. You guys are the best.




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