Angry Birds Dev Says Console Games Are "Dying"



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Mr. Happypants

Great, two egomaniacs posturing & throwing up dirt like rutting elk. Send them a memo to shut up & get back to making games would ya? Angry Birds is quickly reaching the level of repetitive nonsense. The free levels are fine, but I doubt I'll buy any other add-ons from them, time for something new.



Angry Birds is great for what it is, but if that's the future of all of gaming, then the medium as a whole is dead. Which it isn't. The last Call of Duty (though I shudder at even mentioning the name) came out in November and has made over a billion dollars. So I'd argue that consoles are doing fine. The future of handhelds? Well, that's a tale yet to be told.


Roberto Baldwin

Call me when they got Mario Kart on the iPad. Until then, I'll game on my console and my iPad.



i Play Xbox at least 2 Hours a day. I havent played a game on my ipad in weeks.

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