Another iPhone Firmware Update Coming -- Still No Copy & Paste



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Imagine Engine

I'm still waiting for an update which includes the following:

1. Copy/Paste.
2. Ability to edit documents such as OpenDoc and PDF.
3. Ability to record/send video & audio podcasts.
4. Camera enhancements such as digital zoom, low light settings, etc.
5. Ability to delete photos on the iPhone.
6. The Photograph app to actually categorize the photos as events as seen in iPhoto.
7. Ability to run apps in the background via push data such as for using chat messengers, streaming radio, etc.
8. Ability to tether for countries that allow tethering such as Canada.



I'd like the compatibility with my Parrot 3100 back again.
2.1 ruined this, and I now have to use the iPhone on speaker when driving.
Rubbish!! :(




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