App Store Developer Frustration At A Steady Boil



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And we can't forget Apple loves to use numbers and percentage to WOW its audience in all their presentations. There is no way Apple will weed out the bad apps from the App Store.



Apple really did them a favor and is being dragged through the mud for it. Here you have a high profile app developer. Apple somehow missed infringing images in the original submission, a different review team caught it in the update submission. Policy would most likely have been to pull the original title until it was resolved. Because of their prior relationship, and the size of the company Apple gave them the opportunity to repair the problem quickly but not cut off their revenue stream before hand. Now these jerks are using that very courtesy against them in public.

These little girls suck!


Ray Aguilera

Infringing images? Not so much. 

"The images and icons we display come entirely from the user's own computer, using code provided by Apple expressly for this purpose. Showing this artwork is no different from the way the Dock or Finder displays icons on Mac OS X."



To be fair there is a lot of crap on the Apple App store. It's great that there are so many but to be honest there are so many useless applications that are very poor I am not surprised Apple crack down want the highest quality apps on the store.

Perhaps the Apple chaps should spend more time filtering all the garbage applications out of the store and allowing the good apps to be updted and added on a regular basis.  Also because there are so many bad apps it's very difficult to find the good ones.  I think they should slim down the app store and go through all the apps and delete the ones not really being used or with bad reviews.  

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