Apple’s Plan For Subscription TV Snares CBS & Disney



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I wouldn't put NBC out to pasture on this, Comcast knows it's losing money, that's why they purchased NBC, it's also why HULU isn't adding as much content since NBC's purchase. (NBC and FOX jointly created HULU remember...) An outlet such as what Apple is proposing may be something they may be interested in, even if it means that HULU is the way they choose to go in the future with paid subscriptions on it. I for one wouldn't mind an "'all you can eat' subscription plan" thru the iTunes/Front Row/AppleTV if it give some real content not just from CBS and Disney, (both of which content providers I rarely watch anymore,) but from other providers as well, such as Universal, Fox, Discovery, etc and their many networks that includes. Thing is the subscription service would have to be some sort of way for me to download, (not stream,) the content to my device, save it, and keep it for however long I want and without any restrictions all for one monthly rate, and especially it must be content that's not been broadcast on the networks, must be 100% first run content or newer, and viewable on my time, not theirs. (ie. such as Starz "early premiers".) Maybe then I'll dump cable, can't until then though. I for one wouldn't be interested in paying for any streaming content, especially if it were old content that I would have already have viewed on the network otherwise.

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