Apple’s Famed Tablet: An “Everything” Killer?



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Dave in Kauai be better than my iPhone GS.

At least for me, the iPhone GS has been the “everything” killer. As an avowed gadget nerd from way back, I've stopped buying gadgets because my iPhone serves me so well. It's a camera (still and video) a top of the line media player, a communication device (voice, text messages and email) a tbt GPS device and a tiny "always on" netbook that slips into my pocket!

I can't conceive of a product better than that, but maybe Steven Jobs can.



would have it start out with 100,000+ apps from the iTunes App store... indeed, quite a game changer.

No wonder when you read Apple iPhone dev guides they would strongly encourage not to hard code screen resolution...

Very cool.



The ability to read an e-book, pay a store via PayPal, (or a Visa/Master Card,) then view and sign a reciept after receiving a copy of it to keep via bluetooth, watch 720p HD video, write out a text or email, and have a Skype call on a device large enough to see, I'll take 3! They'll also make nice devices to put in my car too hook up a 360 to, (there will be a way to connect input devices to it right?), so I may be back for 3 more... Oops forgot the wife will need an extra one for recipes in the kitchen, better make it 4 more...


Mike James

If Apple produces this device the way it's generally portrayed, like a small "net book" with some touch functions, then it is just a "cool gadget". But, if they produce it in a laptop or larger format, and allow stylus input too, then there are a HUGE number of artists who use 3D software, advanced PhotoShop and Illustrator functions, etc., that would be thrilled. (including me) No need for a Cintiq, and a super-powerful graphics tool. If it also combines the iPhone-like zooming, then they've definitely got a big winer, in my opinion.

Current 3D work:

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