Apple Adds "Try Before You Buy" To App Store



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I am planning to make some paid apps, and my free app is coming soon. However, to make my apps crack-resistent, I am not using Apple's payment system. The apps will be free from the app-store. However, when you download them, they will be free for one day, using the NSDate utility. Then you will have to pay from within the app. That is free trial.



Silly title Try Before You Buy if all you can see are free or lite versions.
How is that trying anything?
Technically you don't buy anything for free.

Apple really doesn't a mature and legal way for folks to try paid apps from developers.
Apps the stop working after a certain number of days or clicks would be a start.
And why doesn't Apple have video clips of apps on the App store?



Agreed, the only app piracy is those hackulo evil doers who offer cracked apps :@
I don't understand how jailbreaking became legal though! It offers a free app which you can download to download all of those paid apps free! EEEEEEVIL! Makes me lose money :( (me = developer btw) sorry to go on, I am happy that they added this new section though :) there could soon be an option to actually try any app for a limited amount of time! (or something like that so we don't have to make another whole app just for trial purposes :P)



How is this considered to be piracy if the "lite" or "free" versions are being promoted by the developer and is not created by Apple? This is clearly not a case of piracy.

If you were to download full apps without paying the attached price then that would be piracy.



It's about time, you know how much money I wasted on purchases I didn't like.

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