Apple and Adobe Slap-Fight Continues; No Flash Update In 10.6.4



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Apple was testing 10.6.4 for months before releasing it. Adobe released Flash 10.1 last week. It was way too late in the game for Apple to go back and add-in Flash 10.1. So what did Apple do, they didn't touch Flash at all. So that when you upgraded to 10.1 prior to 10.6.4 your Flash update was not downgraded. Everything worked the way it was supposed to. Seems like smart thinking on Apple's part and an example of Apple being a good tech citizen in this case.

This is more Adobe taking the opportunity to fabricate a story and get some free press by telling lies thinking nobody would bother doing the research to uncover the truth. Adobe is at fault here. They are a bunch of whiny, lazy, ungrateful B**ches.

You, Seamus, are lazy tech D Bag. Do your research first before opening your uneducated mouth. Shame on Mac Life for allowing you to contribute your useless opinion.

Stupid hat by the way.



Prior to the 10.6.4 Mac OS update, I just recently installed the Flash 10.1r53 plugin update. I then went ahead and subsequently installed the 10.6.4 Mac OS update.

Right after that, I got an email from Adobe, as I'm on their security announcement distribution list, stating that Apple had released a Mac OS update (10.6.4) with the OUTDATED Adobe plugin, providing instructions on how to check your installed plugin version, and then how to uninstall the old and reinstall the replacement.

It turns out that the Apple installer left in the updated version of the Flash plugin, and made no incorrect changes to my system's OS, or to the Safari 5 install as well.

In my opinion, ADOBE is WAAAAAAY too unreliable in their updates, update instructions, and in their utter disregard for meeting the Apple platform's requirements, in a timely and effective manner! (not Apple!...and certainly not Jobs, who has shown the patience of Job in putting up with their CRAP, only until recently, and justifiably so!)

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