Apple and AT&T Dragged Into Another iPhone Lawsuit



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I have battery problems with the 3G phone. It will not stay charge. I have taken it back to the apple store and they have given me three different phones. All have the same battery problem.

The older model phone I did not have this problem.



I just HATE AT&T. They are not knowledgeable about ANYTHING to do with ANY phone. I left them a while back for Verizon and they can’t come close to Verizon’s coverage or service or customer service. BUT I do have to agree that I also HATE the way Verizon nickle’s & dime’s you to death for everything that they can. But overall, I’d rather pay a bit extra and get GOOD service and coverage. SO as soon as the iPhone is allowed on Verizon, I will get one. I expect that by then it will FINALLY have VIDEO and CUT & PASTE and the ability to send and receive photos in message aside from the need to do it in email.



@bryan1884: That's exactly what I thought, that hold switch looks jacked up! I just looked at my switch and it looks fine (and I just throw mine in with my keys or in my yeah).

@kevkevallen: I don't blame you, I love my iPhone but I miss Verizon's network. Personally I liked an "army of mobile network technicians" following me around, my cell reception in the shower was awesome.



The only reason I DON'T have an iPhone is because its not available on the Verizon Wireless carrier.
As soon as Apple and Verizon hook up, so will I.

Until then, I'll stick with my Verizon and my Samsung Alias.

  -Kevin Duncan 



Apple has a very nice return/exchange policy that coincides with AT&T. When you open your iPhone, and you see scratches or dents or something, SPEAK UP, tell the sales person and they will go get you another one and send the defective iPhone back to Apple. If after 30 or 60 or 90 days (I can't remember which, I'll have to check...) your not happy with your iPhone because you've got cosmetic defects, then your screwed you've got the phone for the next two years. If the cosmetic defects happen after the iPhones guarantee, has it ever crossed your mind that its YOUR fault the crack or scratch is there? I honestly don't know why there are so many lawsuits against Apple about cosmetic issues, if you don't like the phone (my personal favorite to pick on is the RAZR for its lack of stability and cheap manufacture) then switch phones and/or services! Just something to think about.... -Kevin Duncan 




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