Apple and AT&T Play Tether Ball



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Look at it this way. All of the telecoms are desperately trying to retain their hegemony. (At least stateside, Europe seems a tad more enlightened - witness that most of the neat cell phone customizations sites are overseas.)

ATT was the first one to CAVE and allow something like the iPhone. You can bet your bottom dollar they wanted to control it like they control every other manufacturer's devices and Steve, bless his heart, just wouldn't go there. Now for the first time developers have a fair shot at marketing apps without the literal nightmare it is for the other carriers (you can read all about my experiences with the former Cingular at )

Your issues are most definitely with ATT, not Apple. It is only a matter of time before the LiMo and Google initiatives change the mobile landscape and wrest more control away from the telecoms. It's the Carterphone case all over again for those of you old enough to remember when you didn't own your landline. Rather, you "leased" it from Western Electric (Ma Bell). The telecoms are being dragged kicking and screaming down the same road but it's only a matter of time.

Frankly, ATT isn't the worst of the lot based upon my dealings.




Boy, I'd like to have that Email addy.... I got a "few" things I'd love Mr Jobs to personally hear.


I'd like him to personally know why after 3 Macs, 5 iPods, and an AppleTV, I'm jumping ship, and will from this point forward BOYCOTT all Apple products.


It's been great fun, and I will miss Apple's approach to personal computing, but my MORALS have stepped in, and the deal that Apple made with AT&T is fundamentally WRONG. AT&T made the decision that my credit isn't good enough to buy Apple's product. So, after spending approx. $12,000 for my Apple habit over the last 3 or 4 years, I'm done. And it's AT&T's fault, not Apple's.


And I'd just love to hear how Mr. Jobs would wiggle his way out of that...



Are you for real?

If you think Apple is the cause of your credit problem with AT&T then go live on the dark side.

Have fun with Dell and Microsoft.



Read around and know the whole story before you get rude with someone.

Like many people in this world, my credit sucks, but that isn't exactly the issue here.  A $750 deposit (iPhone-$75/mo.) vs. $175 deposit (reg phone-$85/mo.)  is my issue.  Does ANYONE see that AT&T is abusing this deal that Apple made with them?  Was part of this deal giving AT&T the right to turn the iPhone into a status symbol?

I just wanted the opportunity to see if I'd even get a response out of Mr. Jobs...

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