Apple and Verizon in Pricing Spat Over CDMA iPhone?



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I am a loyal Verizon customer, but really really want the Iphone. It looks pretty promising that the phone will come to Verizon from everything I have read.

We all know that Iphone is WWAAAYYYY more valuable than the droid, so Verizon needs to do a $600 price for Apple. Verizon can compromise from their droid price of 450 and Apple can compromise that 100 off from AT&T price in trading for better service and call quality.

Maybe I should talk with Apple and Verizon....hhmm? LOL



for what it's worth I moved to at&t 2 years ago (about) just for the iphone. AT&T doesn't compare from a reliability standpoint with reception but the phone makes up for it. My company paid for my phone with verizon but I just love the iphone so I pay the bill. The droid isn't even close and neither is the storm from what I have seen. Apple has rewritten the smartphone business and now everybody is playing catch up.



This is the company that had a secret version of OS X running on Intel 8 years before they swapped! I’m sure in some dark hole they have iPhone OS running on everything known to man. Good for business!



Mind you the Mac OS was based off of NeXTStep/OpenStep and before Apple bought NeXT NeXTStep was already ported to x86 and actually had to be ported to PowerPC as it went straight from Motorola's 680x0 to Intel's x86 instead of going from 680x0 to PowerPC like Mac OS Classic. The fact they had an x86 version of OS X was not surprising and in fact it was known that Rhapsody (the pre-Aqua OS X) ran on x86 before they even got it to run on PowerPC. From that continued support could be presumed.              Granted we also know that Apple shopped around for the US iPhone carrier and would thereby have a CDMA version ready as we know that they were originally in talks with Verizon before AT&T (then Cingular) agreed to let Apple have as much control over the device as they have had. Apple wasn't too keen having a bunch of Vs all over their sexy new phone.             So in conclusion yeah they probably do have a CDMA iPhone floating around and I have probably just wasted your time. 



HEEEEEELLLLL YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!! Verizon better not start actin' up. My contract is up this summer with Verizon. If they don't get it by then, its on to AT&T and the iPhone. My bro has one and it blows my Storm out the water. Was going to look into the Droid, but its whatever now. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I won't read into it too much.



What about SPRINT? Sprint runs on CDMA, and we sure as heck would LOVE TO HAVE THE iPHONE over here on Sprint!

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