Apple Announces Cinema Display to Complement New MacBooks



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I am a bit unhappy to see that Apple is doing away with matte screens.

I own a aluminum iMac, and I had to weigh the following situation:

Suffer on a four-year old iBook G4 while saving for another year to afford a Mac Pro, or buy an aluminum iMac now.

I chose the latter, and I am pretty happy with my decision, even though I despise glossy screens with a passion. My desk is in the finished half of my basement, and even at that location in my house, I can often see myself in the screen [due to the white walls and subtle amounts of sunlight coming in through the windows, sometimes even the TV that someone is watching behind me].

I literally stared at myself in disbelief while watching the keynote... [lame pun]

I've found that glossy screens just make it harder to work with images/video that has darker/black content in them.

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