Apple Announces Further Delay of White iPhone 4



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Can you say pending-redesign ? why release something new wit that pesky "antenna" issue. i suspect the white iphone will be sporting the new and improved design.



people are exited for new iphone version .they are just waiting for launch of iphone .
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Paul K

I would like a navy blue iPhone. Why just black and white? If Apple can make the ipod nano available in a range of colors, why can't they do the same for the iphone?



Yeah, I will wait. I want to see what the white ones look like before upgrading to an iPhone 4. As I am a happy white 3gs/32 owner, I am in no huge hurry as iOS4 makes makes my current cell feel new again. As a Microsoft c# coder I love my new iPad+GoogleDocs for helping me streamline documents, proposals and web demos. I am more impatient to get iOS4 on my iPad. Life is good.



I really want the white one, but i also really want one to begin with and black isnt much of a step down :P
If I was to buy the black one now, would i be able to exchange it for a white one for a small fee? id be willing to have to end up paying 100$ extra in the end :P call me crazy but i really like the white shininess :D



Since I am color blind and probably couldn't tell the difference between the perfect white and the slightly off white "rejects" anyway, I'd be happy to take one of the less than pristine ones right now;-) Seriously!

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