Apple Announces One Million Served with iPad



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A useful computer? Hmm that didn't sound quite right.
It is a computer and it is useful. As a matter of fact, it will kill the traditional pc to a point. Watch!
Bill Gate's worth is tied to the average joe buying a fucking pc every few months through persuasive advertising. And that joe never even uses any of his past computers to their fullest. He just surfs the net, watches movies and the cycle starts over again.
And the pc industry will find it very hard to catch up because they don't control a damn thing on the pc front.
All the intellectual properties belong to MS. The pc vendors just troll out computers aimlessly in a very business-like manner. Kind of the way some fool puts goji berries in his drink product but never even does scientific research to test its validity. He just follows the bouncing business model like a fucking sheep.

Viva Apple bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!
LONG LIVE THE IPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

This was in reply to a post stating that the iPad was worthless and people should buy a net book and also the comment made by Bill Gates when he stated the iPad is bad for computing sort of speak. In my opinion he is afraid that this will hurt Win7 sales because the net book sales will decrease. Let's be honest here, what type of true computing power does a net book have. The iPad is the now and future of mobile computing and I think HP just made a power move when purchasing Palm because they can port that WebOs to a tablet to have a chance of survival. Just imagine all the phones copying Apple now! Bye bye Wid7 on net books!

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