Apple Battery Charger Review



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This looks like a great product from what I have seen. Although I am a fanboy of mac products. The descriptions of "Low" power consumption green use on this product are great design features from my hometown of Cupertino or as we should call it now "Communist spies Cupertino" "Just go visit and you will know what I mean".. But the first commentor made a good point you should have given a valid in depth review of the power the batteries are putting out or how long they last or stand up.. "I mean common guys dont you own at least 1 volt meter there in san francisco?" put it to a load test something more than the vanilla review above. I love your MacLife magazine so dont get me wrong I am just saying live up to a real magazine review site of mac products.. Maybe it was Dory Alley week or Folsom street fair the weekend when you did this and you ran out of time.... Who knows but give us the real scoop on these products not just something I can read for myself on the mac specs on their site...



Great battery I think the usefulness oh this is for long term.
This is good.

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There is no information here that couldn't be found in apple's product summary. What about testing it and comparing it to other rechargeables. I love mac stuff as much as any of the writers here but we still need to be critical and look into things a little deeper guys. C'mon!

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