Apple Battles With Microsoft For The Trademark on "App Store"



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Apple should have seen this coming!! And should have prepared themselves a head of time. Microsoft won't be the only company that wants to open a "APP Store" The name just sounds too good to pass on.



why can't microsoft use PROG STORE? they've always had programs, apple has always had applications.

what's their problem.

PROG STORE has a real ring to it don't ya think?



Cant Apple have something that is thier own? Does everyone have to sue them and have to have a piece of the pie? I know that we can just sit down like normal people and share and discuss this. Because Macs do have the capablity to switch. (bootcamp) I dont understand why it is such a difficult decision... can't we just all get along?

I guess we just dont live in the norm of things... beta testers will test away and always have the bright ideas. But most of the time will never get heard. Unless they shout it out loud.. That is my next step.

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