Apple Co-Founder 'Woz' Thinks Wearables Like iWatch Will Be A 'Hard Sell'



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I just don't see the benefits of this or google glasses. I can't see my self giving up my rolex for a smart watch


Bryce Henderson

I really enjoyed hearing about what Woz thinks about the iWatch. I'm a FitBit user, so I really enjoy wearable tech. However, I really don't think that I'd like to have a big-ass device on my wrist that pretty much did what my iPhone can do. After all, I have my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro nearby most of the time and I can't see a watch being that beneficial.

Now, about your auto-play Lexus commercials... that's a little annoying. I realize that you folks are trying to run a profitable business, and you want to increase revenue so you can have nice things, but I could do without auto-play commercials when I visit. I'd love to enjoy your site, and not think twice about visiting and having something like that auto-play.

Offer me a clickable video, and I wouldn't mind it.

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