Apple Confirms Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and Steve Jobs for WWDC Keynote



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Scooter Rocks

Do any of you guys know what station WWDC is airing on?



It'll be really awesome to see what Apple's cooked up for the cloud service, and though I'm actually switching to Windows for my next computer, seeing what Lion is all about will be cool too. The ONLY thing that I really, really want to see though, is that they've included a switch for A2DP, or some way to remember my preference on which audio out I want whenever I dock the iPhone to my van. This isn't a little-known problem anymore, as more people are buying vehicles with iPhone/iPod/Bluetooth connectivity (MyFordTouch, anyone?) and have that interrupt every time the vehicle is started. My old, jailbroken phone had an app that could do it quite easily, so I know it's possible. Pretty please, Apple?!

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