Apple Continues To Give The 'Ol 1-2 To Google With iAd



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I mean I would think it's great to be able to do this and the demonstration that was shown of some of the iAds at the keynote were great to me. This is Apple's platform and if you don't want to use it, get the hell on. As much as people complain about Apple having their stuff locked down, they also don't have many of the problems other companies have such as dead tech and countless amounts of knock off's and heavy overhead. Apple has come out swinging and I like how they are controlling the media with there products as well. 27 inch iMac during Christmas, iPad first quarter, Macbook Pro's in the Spring, Mac Pro's will be next say May along with the 3G iPad's and then BAM new iPhone for the summer! It's constant Apple all the time and it's a great strategy. Think about it, the last time they came out with those unibody MBP's they also lumped in the Mac Pro's witch the 3Gs was around the corner from that, but now they are balancing it more in witch they have 5th device/computer now. Then during the Fall they hit everyone with the speed refreshes and then the iPhone/iPad OS updates along with the Apple TV and other small products..... I think it's genius, I think it's



Don't care. Don't care.

Other than the OMG factor. Why should I care? And if Apple is going to be bearing the expense of serving up those iAds, why should they share the data? Maybe Apple'll sell it. OMG! They'll be bathing money.

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