Apple COO Tim Cook on iPad, Apple TV and More



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I read the the reviews big time before I bought the ATV. Mostly people said that t was great for music and bad for movies. Luckily I really wanted it for the amazing music interface, and it's definitely delivered on that. I can flip through my music and see the art just like I'm looking through a record collection, even better. Then blast the crap out of it through the Bose system. Definitely does not suck.

But for movies, yeah, they really just want to bang you for $$, duh. Moving forward, I dont think people are going to be that lame when you can pop over to redbox at the grocery store and rent em for $1, and not WAIT for a download. Hopefully they compromise and make it more flexible. I cannot for the life of me see how ATV could fail if they made proper adjustments. The whole computer merging with your home entertainment possibility is MASSIVE, and with apple's beautiful "years ahead" user interface, it has the potential to be so good!!....WHY DO THEY HAVE TO MAKE THIS SO HARD???



Still waiting for an AppleTV that will allow to play games on it, real games not some joke of a game a la Wii style, and do real HD not some half-arsed version of it. Until that happens, it's only ever going to be a hobby of a joke. They should have long time ago opened it up more than they have, allowing for other codecs used and for viewing content from the likes of Hulu, FOX, YouTube, etc. For that matter convince the studios to put their content on a stick, (USB/Firewire Stick) and be able to view/copy them from there in all their HD glory uncut and un-edited. IF people are hacking it to do what they want it to do, then give them those options from the git-go and get over themselves, at least a good selection of those options anyways, as in the top 10-20 features that people are putting onto the device. If not with full Apple support then leaving it up to developers to develop for it, like they do the iPod Touch/iPhone now and soon the iPad.



To call the Apple TV a hobby is insulting to all of those people who have bought it including me.  The ATV has massive potential but I just sold mine on ebay as I was sick and tired of the software updates crippling my box.  It continually wiped my ATV and then finally wouldn't synch at all after 3.0.1.  I am sorry but as a recently converted PC to Mac user I expected a lot better. When it works it's wonderful but I am left with a box that plays back limited CODECS which of course forces me to buy Apple content, NOT.Apples pricing for TV shows that I can watch for Free on Hulu or on the TV companies own web site is obscene.  $2-$3 for a TV show that was on TV last night?  What planet are they on.  Itneeds to be a price I wont blink at like 50 cents or at the most 99c.  I enjoyed the HD Video download Pay per view feature for new movies I have to say but now it's gone. I loved my Apple TV  but became frustrated at having to spend hours converting my existing video content to an apple format.  In the end I just said life is too short and sold the damn thing.  I will try out a Western Digital TV next, Apple just lost my business there.  Plus my Blu Ray DVD player allows me to connect to my netflix account my NAS drive and plays ALL my video content whatever format it is.  Also I can rent new movies.  So why would anyone bother with the ATV now especially with the mess that was the 3.0.1 update.

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