Apple Courts Switchers with Genius Bar Commercials



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Apple's new TV ads are common and an embarrassment.

Past ads were cool and attention getting, now they are square beyond belief, so ordinary.

How could 'they' let an ad agency turn Apple into just another bad ad that gets muted?



I agree with Michael, the times they are a changing. It's the only thing we can really count on, Change. I'm in the counterculture group of Mac users from the early days. We are the elite users who saw the PC world as the ‘great unwashed’ and shook our heads as they bought their boring, cheaply made machines with their awkward OS and their ugly applications. We held Apple to a higher standard and Steve was the golden boy. Fast-forward to today and the great unwashed are now buying Macs. Everything has to dumb down and move toward the desperately sad grey middle where regular folks have to have the user libraries hidden so they don't do anything stupid. Tim is so much more pragmatic but there is no flare, no zest, and no creative spark in pragmatic. You have to really sort through the geniuses at the Apple store, as it is no credit to their skills answering dumb questions all day long. Usually each store has one that stands out above the rest. Sometimes it's someone that doesn't have genius status.

I will be curious to see what happens with Apple now that Steve is gone. How far will the culture he created maintain a cutting edge that even Microsoft with all it resources couldn't touch? We are dumbing down with a pragmatic leader. The new commercial is testament we have surrendered our creative rebel spirit to sell our precious products to the great unwashed.

I just updated to Mountain Lion on all my Macs and am patiently awaiting iOS 6 and the new iPhone. I really don’t care about Androids (iPhone clones) or a Mac OS on a PC, or the cool features in Ice Cream, or who uses their old Mac as a doorstop … I just don’t care.

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