Apple Denying Support to Smokers



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I had took over a cybercafe/internetcafe that allows smoker to play while smoking.

The whole place is so crappy that the ashes from the cigarette were trap in all the computer components.
There are over 30% of the computers in the shop are faulty due to the ashes. The shop's computer is only 6 months old!! and 30% failure.
I had to get people to clean out all those dust and replaced those faulty computer parts.
The balance 70% of working computers breaks down everymonth between 3 to 5 PCs even I have cleared the ashes.

So basically ashes from cigarette does kills the chips as it causes static.
Within 6 months I would have to replace all the computers because the failure rate is too high and impact my daily sales.



As a long term Mac User & Full time computer Technician (17 Years Experience) who smokes I feel I can throw some light on this matter and help. I Like apple Products and love the O/S its solid and reliable system and it works because apple design the hardware & Software. This is Good Design but maybe not at it's best if your a smoker. DOES SMOKE REALLY DAMAGE COMPUTERS ? Smoke Does Affect Computer Parts (FACT) (1) Air Filters on intakes – These filters are usually made of a black Synthetic Cloth designed to Remove Dust and air Bourne Contaminates. The Filters are always on the intake on fan Ducting or the fan Air Intake. On The bottom of most laptops you can see the Gauze and the black Filter. The Filter is never able to be changed by the user so with time they always block up and cause reduced air flow to the cooling fans. So in this case the item intended to keep the Contaminates out of the Computer is the Culprit in causing the problem as the user can do nothing about replacing the filter as it’s not a user serviceable part. So the conclusion that can be made from this is it’s a Manufacturers Design Fault. It would be so easy to make the filter a User Serviceable part that could be replaced every 6 months or as needed for virtually no cost at all or even free for the life of the machine. (2) Heat Sinks & Fans – If the Computer is not fitted with Air Filtration then these parts Over Time will accumulate Residue. If the Heat Sink accumulates a lot of Residue it may not work as well as Designed because the heat can not dissipate to the air flowing past it. However in 17 Years I have never seen a Heat sink Fail because of reduced Performance because of residue stopping the heat transfer, Having said that I Have Seen Fans fail because of hair , Dust & Airborne Contaminates getting stuck to the residue on the fans blades. So the problem here is the dust, Hair & Airborne Contaminates getting stuck to the residue. So the Cause again is No Air Filtration or the lack of a user Replaceable filter. So you have to conclude that again this is poor Design on the manufacturer’s part. (3) Optical Drives – Out of all the components within a computer this is the most common fault caused by smoking and I can agree that this part is very hard to stop failing because of smoking Residue. The Optical Lens gets coated with residue and this collects dust that makes reading & Tracking impossible for the unit. It’s not an easy task to stop dust or smoke getting to the lens and therefore I would have to say that I would agree with apple that this part should not be covered by the apple care warranty if smoking has caused the failure. But this should be written into the apple care agreement. But having said that this is one part that could be a user Replaceable item, on older dell laptops the drive simply clipped out by the user and could be changed for a new one in less than 10 seconds. So Again Good Design could make this no Problem.  (4) Electrical Contacts – Contamination on Electrical Contacts, Plugs & Sockets within the Machine can get contaminated with Hair, Dust, & Air Bourne Particles sticking to the residue. This might cause poor connection or problems but in 17 Years I have never seen a failure because what tends to happen is the machine is constantly heating up and cooling down, this leads to the contacts expanding & contracting which self cleans them. And again why is the dust & Hair in there – Again Poor Design of the Basic Air Filtration. So I feel that most Smoking Related Problems (Compounded by Air Bourne Dust, Hair & Particles) is caused by Environmental Problems not considered by the Original Designer. If I was a designer the first question I would ask is where my product is likely to be used EG in the case of a “HOME” Computer I would ask myself what does my machine have to deal with over its life time of use in a home environment. (1) Minor Knocks (2) Air Bourne cooking fats and oils when near kitchen (3) Pet hair (4) Rapid temperature changes (5) Possible liquid spills on keyboards (6) Smokers (7) Static (8) Human debris – We all produce dust as skin flakes ( FACT) (9) Condensation I know there are more but I am sure with GOOD DESIGN the risk to the machine’s Reliability can be reduced or completely eradicated GOOD DESIGN is the way forward, But then again Good design means Computers would last longer is this good for the consumer Yes the Manufacturer? You Decide. Before you knock me because I am a smoker just think, how would you feel if your computer was Void of warranty because you have a dog or cat, Or Perhaps the fact that you cook in your kitchen. All of which are environmental issues that a home computer has to deal with (And should be able to deal with). So Good design is the key here. There is the other side of the story to consider that People don’t want to be contaminated with toxic materials. But everyday of our Life’s this happens and there is no getting away from it unless you live in a sealed chamber made of a non toxic substance supplied by special air filtration units, Even then your stuck ! Do the Apple Technicians Wash? Do the apple Technicians Brush there teeth with tooth paste? Do they use a mobile phone ever? Do they drive a car, Cycle or walk next too cars? Do they paint there house? Do they work with electronic components? Have they ever had an X-ray? See where this goes – Nearly everything is toxic or dangerous to some degree but it’s the concentration that counts. So again a Good design would stop Cooking oil, Fat, Dust, Dirt, Hair & Tobacco smoke building up in well designed machine. GOOD DESIGN IS WHATS NEEDED A Home computer that is Reliable in the many home environments – EASY! From a Computer Manufacturers side Poor Design Brings Huge Profits & Zero Liability. I THINK THE OLD SAYING “ Smoke & Mirrors “ has found a New Owner - APPLE



As someone currently seeking help on dealing with smokers in a neighboring apartment causing me day long headaches and wheezing when their smoke creeps, I have to say good for Apple. It is at their discretion not to repair anything for any reason, whether it is because it is damaged by smoke or because the item had a hammer to it.

Captain V45 - if people smoke around other humans and do not care about any side effects they may experience, electronics don't have a chance. :-)

The most revealing sight is when older beige CPUs turned dark yellow because smokers were around them. I have to imagine that same coating is on smokers lungs.  The key with any warranty though is to read the full details of it.

Looking at the AppleCare North American agreement, seems pretty clear to me: b. Limitations. The Plan does not cover:  

(ii) Damage to the Covered Equipment caused by accident, abuse, neglect, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider), unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes;



Just goes to show that smoking is not only bad for your health (and those around you) but it's not good for you computer either---best bet is to give up smoking altogether.That said, if there is no no smoking clause, then Apple should fix it and add a no smoking clause in their Apple Care and warrantee agreements.



I've been a smoker for 4 years now, and i smoke around my macbook pro regularly, and i can say without a doubt that this is crap. I've repaired PC's from smokers, and haven't had any kind of problem. So obviously the above poster is on a non-smoking campaign.

The fact is, you give apple $2000 or whatever amount for a laptop. By the consumer act, it's supposed to last at least 3 years. You buy an applecare warrenty, and they are required to service it.

This is just a way to get out of repairing a mac for free, even while under warranty. Apple is still a corporation, no matter what way you look at it.



Why would you smoke around electronics. Back when I did smoke, I never smoked around any of my electronics or even in my car. When I worked at my campus radio station I was told of all the negative effects that cigarette smoke has on electronics and haven't had a smoke around an electronic device since.



As a non-smoker, there's little effect on me from anyone who does smoke: I'm not allergic to it (yet), and while I am sure that I could die from second hand smoke, I'm fairly certain my morbid obesity and my heart problems will kill me first. (Which is a darn good reason why I am working at it!) I've lived, worked, and am even dating a smoker, and needless to say, my opinion of those who gripe and complain without legitimate reason (as in those of you who neither are allergic nor have any other reason than to just complain about it) as complete and utter twits focused on scares and not focused on your own life. It's sad that when people are more focused on what other people do and less focused on their own lives.

Having said that, I'm on Apple's side - provided, of course, that this is among the things listed when you purchase their warranty. I'm not concerned about my machines, since I am the only one who uses them, and the smoke doesn't get heavy enough to worry about damage. That said, if I am purchasing something such as an extended warranty, I want to know what all I am allowed to do, as well as what will void it.If you can't be honest about that little bit, I'll save the extra money and worry over BS hassle and take my business elsewhere. Good business practices start with being honest with the consumer, not making excuses for why you can't - or won't - do something.



I have, throughout my life, had to work on all sorts of things that smokers own. Cars? Their windows thick with the film of nicotine. The only way to remove it was with gasoline and a scraper.

I’ve opened computers of smokers, it is NASTY. Yellow, sticky, poison in there. NO doubt in my mind it probably ruins electronics.

They absolutely cannot gripe. It is not far removed from just dribbling water or some other substance in there.




HAH smokers suck

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