Apple Details Windows 7-Boot Camp Compatibility



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Has the compatibility issue for Windows 7 with 2006 Macbook pros changed since these 2009 posts? I'm interested in running Windows 7 in Boot Camp on a 15" Macbook Pro that was purchased new in July 2006. I'm running Snow Leopard now, and I have upgraded RAM to 2GB and plenty of hard drive space. If not could someone recommend a best alternative for me?



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Ok genuis, do you realize having windows OS on mac hardware is a bonus free feature they supply. Their primary job is make sure their own OS and hardware work awesome together. Not to cater to every side show OS Microsoft comes out with. It's a mac as far as I'm concerned they've supported all macs pretty well over the years and even replaced a older outdated desktop power pc mac with a quad core intel one when it died still under AppleCare. and I doubt having windows 7 run a mac is an absolute nescessity when you still have vista and xp as valid options. I wouldn't doubt that your not even a real mac fan but another "I'm a PC" PERSON. -Rebelord



I realize Apple's just as much about the bottom line as everyone else, but this is getting ridiculous. I can understand not investing the time and efforst in PowerPC anymore, but now they're not going to upgrade their first Intel Macs, in spite of the fact that other similarly-configured PCs will be able to run Windows 7 without a problem?

I'm getting sick of Apple trying to stick it to us to buy new hardware every few years because they don't want to keep it up-to-date beyond the average. If I'm buying a piece of Apple hardware, be it the cheapest off-the-shelf machine or the most expensive configuration, I want it to last as long as I need it - not how long someone dictates it to be. It's one of those things that makes PCs appealling: they're just as phony as Apple, but they're also cheaper.



i ran Windows 7 RC Build 7100 on my Macbook Pro 4,1 fine, no issues at all.

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