Apple Event Rumor Roundup



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i have heard a rumor that verizon would take over the iphone rather than att. many of my friends love the i phone but hate the att service......tons of dropped calls. thoughts and comments?



I heard a rumor that that tablet will be under $100 or maybe even FREE! Of corse this would include a profusely expensive monthly bill, pray to god not from AT&T. With no bill (and probably no 3G) expect a $400-$500 10" model with two memory options, and a $700-$800 13" model, also with two memory options, the lower of the two being the higher of the 10" model. This is all assuming that a tablet will hit the shelves soon after the event.



Can't wait to see what's in store! ;-)

BTW... how come you guys don't support Facebook?

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