Apple Execs Address Verizon iPhone, Netbooks



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Verizon has a very strong network, I just wish Apple would require Verizon to loosten up its vice-grip on data plans and accessibility. I had to "patch" my old clamshell just to be able to load my own pictures on it! Their tendency to cripple their phones is something that would have to go ... and I hope that Apple will emphasize the issue when talking about bringing the iPhone to Verizon.

Because it is such a dependable network, however, it is about time that Apple works on brining the iPhone to Verizon. But it would have to be a new iPhone because A) AT&T has a contract to be the sole provider for the current iPhone, at least for now and B) because Verizon uses the CDMA network as mentioned above.

To follow-up with iFallen and the article, perhaps when the new networks are implemented, Verizon and AT&T will be on more similar grounds as far as coverage is concerned, which would force Verizon into a more user-friendly business model (IE: not being able to disable features on their phones). If that's the case, I'm all for iPhone to come to Verizon!



The only reason I don't already have an iPhone is because I refuse to give up my Verizon....
When Apple and Verizon pair up, a ton of people are going to leave AT&T for Verizon, simply because they prefer Verizon better (and who can blame them?), and a ton of Verizon customers are going to get an iPhone.
Make it happen Apple.



I think turning on my iPhone and seeing a verizon screen pop up would be a fail...

i think at&t service has gotten much better over the time i have owned my phone, and i really don't any longer have any real complaints...

unless you wanna offer a cheaper plan, i;m always all for that...

and i really like rollover minutes.))



Last sentence - "But, Apple is said to simply initiating a “never say never” stance."

Should be - " But, Apple is said to simply BE initiating a “never say never” stance."

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