Apple Extends Olive Branch to Spurned 3G S Owners



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It took just over 24 hours for my phone to finally activate...where is my email and credit? I didnt get jack.



Maybe they should a few notes from Canada... Or take notes from Verizon, who activate your phone on the spot and your phone can't leave the store until it is activated, which takes only seconds. (Even when the BlackBerry Storm came out it only took seconds to get up and running, and there was a line around the block for it!)



The Rogers Activation was quite painless - I arrived at a Rogers store,
Asked if they had any in stock at 2:00 PM - 3 people ahead of me.

Yes they had the model & size, they took my details - and told me to come back
in 1-2 hours...

30 Min's later I get a phone call my phone is ready to come and pick up...

I think AT&T Should take some notes from Canada....



I started the activation process of my 3G S at 9:30 Friday morning. By 5, nothing had happened, despite rebooting the phone, removing/replacing the Sim card, etc. I spoke with three different AT&T CSRs, all clearly harried, but polite. (note: in three calls I spent zero time waiting for a CSR, which was not my expectation). No one could give me a response other than "we are backed up, sorry". The third CSR sent me to an Apple tech and got off the call as soon as he could. The Apple tech was super nice, but had no idea why the AT&T guy pulled him into the call.
I got an email from Apple at 5am letting me know my phone was activated, although at that point I was out of cell range. Later, when I could receive a signal, the phone worked fine. Although I understand Friday was a busy day for AT&T servers; this came as a surprise to AT&T? I bet when Apple starts selling iPhones through Verizon, Verizon will be prepared for the millions of people who will leave AT&T that first day.

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