Apple Fixes iOS PDF Security Issues and Nixes Web-based Jailbreak with iOS 4.0.2



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I am a real person - new to the Mac Life.

Respectfully submitted,



Now, if Apple would fix the way iOS 4.x works (or, more accurately, doesn't work) with the iPhone 3G.



ok, this is super messed up.
So when I found out about inwas all like "awesome sign me up!!" I wanted to use the jailbroken application "gameboy4iphone" because I am a huge legend of Zelda fan and I wanted to play some of the old games. So I jailbroke my iPod, it acted slower had download problems and was all around a pain in the @$$. But I wanted those classic nintendo games! So I download gameboy4iphone and it for some reason dosnt work on my iPod touch 2nd gen 8gb.?. So I find out that the only way for me to get the classic games onto my iPod is to SSH them in. So I'm like "no way! That's too hard and I don't know how" so I restored my iPod and got rid of the jailbreak.. Then I got tired of using my boring old normal iPod touch so I jaibroke it again! This time I figured out how to SSH the classic games in and was happy. So it once again made my iPod an islug. So today when 4.0.2 came out I installed the update and got rid of the jailbreak, never (hopefully) to go back again!

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