Apple Focuses On The Magic With Pair of New TV Commercials



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IT all could work if your iPhone was jailbroken and you had 3G unristrictor. : p


Simao Alves

Absolutely, But with the new tiered data plans if you don't have WIFI you can go broke!



The commercial should replace the word "iPhone" with the word "WiFi".

"If you don't have WiFi, then you don't have FaceTime."
"If you don't have WiFi, then you don't have Airplay."
"WiFi, just one more thing that makes the iPhone an iPhone."

That's the real take away from these commercial. Doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or not. If you don't have WiFi nothings going to work.


Mr. Happypants

Exactly. I met somebody who had convinced her boss to buy $1800 worth of iPhones for their contracting company, thinking they could use FaceTime to easily communicate with their workers in the field. She asked me what the deal was, why it wouldn't work & when I explained, she was definitely disappointed. They've only had the new phones for a few weeks.

Now, that's obviously not the only way for them to get their jobs done, and I pointed her towards HeyTell that acts kind of like Nextel's push-to-talk. It's just something that it seems like Apple glosses over, almost bait & switching newer adopters of the hardware.

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