Apple Follows Trail of Lost 4th-Gen iPhone



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a hoax? or april fools? or the biggest stupid mistake ever done by a human being?



If this is real, I think it was staged. I sure Apple wouldn't mind stooping that low. They are after all, masters of hype and avertising...



Apple has the ability to track any iphone or ipod lost or stolen, it can also disable it remotely, yet will not do it for iphone owners. You lose, you lose. I think they should offer to pay for it's return. They could sue for it's return, but by the time it went to court the 4G would be last years news.



Gizmodo DID try to contact Apple first, but received no reply.
They know that Apple punishes media outlets that reveal secrets, so Gizmodo had to be thinking really hard before they released the info.

With a two month lead, no company will be able to whip up a competitive product in time to dink with Apple's release, they could only release a product already planned. They might be able to to release early, but what hardware manufacturer want to release a product before it's testing phase is complete?
The Microsoft phone maybe. They would release it without proper testing.
Really every Apple fan, journalist and phone maker knows that a new iPhone comes out every Mayish, and that it will have x new documented features and will provide enough shock and awe to encourage upgrades.
So if I were to release a competing phone, I'd likely release way before or after the iPhone release, because my marketing would get swallowed by the big Apple.

Then there's always the possibility that this is yet another guerilla marketing technique.
"accidentally" lose and iPhone, get a big story on a popular site as they print their "hand's on preview" and get HUGE links to that article based on the exclusivity, all while avoiding political issues with your usual media release outlets (such as Mac Life).



I hope apple doesn't fire the guy who lost it.



He was VERY irresponsible, and truthfully, I wouldn't feel bad for him, but I would hope they don't call all employers the might hire him and say DON'T! That would just be stabbing him after you've kicked him when he's down. 



Seriously, I understand the whole thing about tech and exposure but I think Giz really screwed this up and here is why. They plastered the guys face and name who recovered it, they open the thing up and reported on the findings (exterior). They could have gained the respect from Apple to get first hand notice of products if they had did the wright thing by saying they had it ripped it up, returned it and then leaked what they knew after the launch or maybe right before the announcement. Just maybe some form of ethics here would have been nice. But now competitors know what Apple is doing and if the iPhone announcement is in late June that means the competitors have two good months to counter with a product!

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