Apple Heads to Ontario to Nab Talent from Ailing BlackBerry



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It might be premature to sentence Blackberry to being an historical note. I recall Apple being talked about in the same manner when it seemed impossible for it to survive. When Blackberry went public it lost a lot of its ability to innovate, because it was forced to find ways to appeal to the consumer so the profits would grow. Until the iPhone came along the effort seemed to work. But in focusing on the consumer they forgot what they were best at (and still are in many ways). They offered corporations security that was unmatched by any company. I believe that this strength alone could help them to create innovative phones and tablets, supported by highly focused software that works well and start to give them an increasing share of the corporate market. Government agencies, hospitals, credit card companies that handle highly sensitive data would love to have "bulletproof" systems that aren't susceptible to being hacked. It would be interesting to find out how many companies went public and had profit surges, but as they grew, they lost their innovativeness and eventually suffered because of it.

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