Apple Holding Upcoming Retail Meeting



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To be a bit anti-climactic, what if it's simply a redesign of the store furniture, floor layout, etc. in honor of the 10th anniversary? Microsoft has kinda ripped off the current look for their own stores, so Apple might have decided on a new look to stay ahead. Maybe the new floor plan will make it easier to lock down all the Macs so all these smash-and-grab thieves will need more than 60 seconds to snatch arm-fulls of MacBooks.



Mac OS X Lion!



I really don't think it's the Cloud service of any kind. That would be great but why would they need all hands on deck to train on a Cloud service? Just doesn't make sense. I think it has to do with there hardware. My guess would be there announcing the unlocking of the iPhone to work on Sprint and Verizon. It's about this time we get a new iPhone. While it isn't "new" an unlocked iPhone would be huge. You would get quite a few people from T-mo and Sprint that couldn't get it before now able to get there paws on some iPhone love. While the cloud service could have a nice segway( Today is our 10th year of Retail stores...Now we move into the Stores for the next decade online...blah blah blah. ) I think that that wouldn't require tons of training. Well not an emergency mode thing like this, or at least how the media, is making it sound. Probably training on different Carriers there plans and troubleshoot. Also flashing CDMA phone to work on either network. Plus people to handle customers. That sounds like something more plausable to me. It may be wrong but I would love it being on a small regional carrier. I would like to get an iPhone and really don't want to void the warranty to get it to work.



Given the ease with which Apple Stores handled the demand for the Verizon iPhone, I doubt they would pull all-night shifts and conduct all-hands meetings to handle T-Mobile and Sprint flavors. But it's very clear that you want an unlocked iPhone badly, so good luck in getting one.

P.S. Check eBay.

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