Apple Introduces New MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Air Laptops



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Well, I must say I'm very glad Apple have managed to cut their material costs - it was causing me sleepless nights. More seriously though, I am doubly glad that the new machines are highly environmentally-aware, but the plain truth is there are so few performance enhancements that the differences are superficial at best. Gestures on a new trackpad are great as are the new graphics chipsets but, prima facie at least, there's very little else of any 'real' significance i.e likely to make a real difference to the way you work with your Mac. The processor speed is the same, the memory capacity is the same, the number of ports is the same, there's no HDMI, no blu-ray, no firewire 400, and aside from the graphics, compared with it's earlier siblings, the new Macbook performs like it's elder siblings. And when real change isn't self-evident the best way to convince people of significant change is to keep repeating what's changed. So, to watch Apple labouring these new superficial changes in the tediously repititive October Keynote event is disappointing. The seams of Apple's seduction techniques are also starting to show. Just as you discover the secret to a magic trick, the illusion is a little drab. The art of distraction is key to shrouding the truth. Take the new price for these new features, for instance. According to Apple, the 3 most sought-after features from the Macbook Pro that are now available on the Macbook include the aluminium casing, the backlit display and better graphics, all of which are now part of the new Macbook. These new offerings are touted as a feature-set that is $700 cheaper than if you bought the current machine offering these options i.e. the Macbook Pro. But let's call a spade a spade and undress that marketing ploy for what it is - a shabby deception. You can't escape the irrefutable fact that the Macbook only offers these tangible differences, but costs a whopping £250 more than it's predecessor. So, surely the question facing customers at the moment is are these aesthetic and superficial changes worth £949 (£230 more than a machine that performs just as well)? Surely the answer is a resounding "no". Have Apple learnt nothing from the lessons over the pricing of the iPhone? Groundbreaking it may have been, but Apple's subsequent embarrassing price reduction (bowing to public demand) revealed that they'd originally over-priced it. You'd think Apple would know better this time. Especially in these troubled financial times, Apple's price setters need a good kicking.



All I can say is YUCK.

I initially did not like the black boarder around my aluminum iMac, and I just don't pay attention to it.

Why is Apple going with that hideous black boarder?

[I know... 'it makes the colors pop']

Seriously, just leave the black boarder off and just have glass over aluminum. It would look much more subtle.

No FireWire? lame, Lame, and LAME!

I know, I'm being critical on the new 'books now, even though they could grow on me. I will totally admit that I am happy that Apple moved to aluminum enclosures for their new round of 'books [and all of the other Macs currently in their line-up].

One thing is for sure, many are probably disappointed that there wasn't even an acknowledgement of the Mac Mini's existence today.

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