Apple Introduces Safari 4 - Fast and Chock-full of New Features



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Timball, they moved the refresh/reload button to the right side right next to the RSS feed. Or you can always use the key command (command-R)



There's no refresh/reload button. Not even an option for it. What's up with that?



I really like the new version of Safari but have already had to do two modifications via the terminal. I like the look of the new tabs but the placement of them turned out to not be practical for me so I restored them to their former location. I then had to restore the progress bar which so far is the biggest draw back of Safari 4 as I have to sometimes deal with a slow connection and not knowing how much of a page has loaded really bothers me so I had to restore the old one. The odd thing about the progress bar fault is Apple made a direct reference to what a great idea the blue progress bar is. If that's true then why did they get rid of it? A spinning gear is not an adequate solution.Never the less so far I really enjoy the speed boost and the cool features but I think if they can fix these to faults they really will have a slam dunk but for now at least I can fix things via terminal.



I have never had so much fun with a browser, and that is just the opening page.



Safari 4b seems to work quite well. There are some new, and pretty slick features. The interface doesn't follow Leopard's UI, and I miss the feature when you could drag the tabs out and make them into new separate windows. Time will tell... 



you still can drag out the the little striped triangle on the right side of the tab and simply move away and release.  best browser i have used so far, and with suggestions they get from the beta, will be even better when the final comes out 

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